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Welcome to the official website of Rosy Donovan!

Hello!!! Welcome to the official website for Singer, Songwriter and Actress, Rosy Donovan. Please make yourself at home and enjoy the MUSIC, browse the PHOTOS and VIDEOS and connect with me on my SOCIAL MEDIA too! Checkout the SHOWS if you want to see a live performance and meet me in person!! I hope you enjoy a little glimpse into my world and it makes you as happy as you make me! Thank you for your support and come back again. =)

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I'm back and I'm Back For GOOD!!

Hello Everyone!! I cannot believe I have been away for so long! By away, I don't mean actually away. Like, not anywhere physically, at least. I have been wandering with my thoughts though. Exploring and growing and learning so much about myself, the world around me and how we fit together.

I have taken classes to expand my mind, learn more musically and meet some interesting people.  I've had someone run into my car with theirs and then try to deny liability. I've had the experience of leasing my first new…Read more

No More Sicky Poo!!

Last week, I totally thought I got a mild case of food poisoning, but my friend was right - I got another stomach virus!!! This cold/flu season has been so terrible and just getting people left and right. The worst part is getting got, over and over again! So I finally made the decision after weeks of being sick and sick, to cut out the crap again. I had fallen into the holiday season celebration of stuffing my face with sweets and pastries. Now sugar and flour are 2 of the WORST things for you and your…

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Where does the time go?

I know it's been so long and honestly, way too long since I've peeped anything on my site. It was an amazing November and then I got sick. And then I got sick again and again and again!! I know this terrible cold/flu thing has been going around and it really hangs on! But DAMN!!! I was sick a couple of times and it didn't seem like a big deal, then the last one was really bad. I mean gnarly! My babe even got sick and he rarely gets sick. So finally it was NyQuil to the rescue! At this point I wasn't getting…Read more
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Beauty Lies Within

*Read the actress's original post here:

When I saw this post by actress Claire Bowen, I was so excited, inspired, motivated, and proud! We need more people to speak up on this topic because we have far too many entities coming at us with the opposite and wrong information. Trying to continue the detrimental brainwashing of our society! Here was my initial response and reaction to this…

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WE are the World!!

Just the other day, a serious threat was forced upon the students of Berkeley High School in Berkeley, California. It was a racist, violent message supporting the KKK and threatening the lives of African Americans. It was a cruel, sickening display of the racism and hatred that we as a society still battle every day. I might not be black, but I do love my fellow human beings and recognize that as different as we can be individually, we are all one and the same. No one person is better than another becauseRead more
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I LOVE Performing LIVE!!!

So, no this is not a photo of me performing live, but it is from the 626 Night Market where I did perform live and loved it!!! Not only was the performance so fun, but navigating the vendor booths of delicious food and drink options was wonderfully overwhelming! I am definitely a roller coaster of emotion and I tend to really feel, so when I get excited about something, this photo is a prime example of my energy level! This photo was taken by the incredible Gua GuanJr (click his name to go to his site). He…Read more
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